Varia is... a member-based collective built around the cultural and technological practices of those who constitute it. Varia is... a space of experimentation in group construction that goes beyond the members list.

Varia is a place and a community established around a shared interest for everyday technologies and their impact on society, gathering together practitioners who attempt to analyse/act on/subvert their usage.


An organisation of people of many diverse interests brought together by an interest in everyday politics of technology, from pens, paper asks poetry to machine learning and cake.


All sorts of people; artists and democracy; It looks like a mess.


A collective space for the development of a dialog around practical media/technology.

Een collectieve ruimte voor de ontwikkeling van dialoog rondom praktische media/technologie.


Difficult because Varia is a lot, from events to a (dis) organisationform, to a space to work and share ideas or develop new ones.

Wel lastig omdat Varia veel is, van evenementen tot een (dis) organisatievorm tot een plek om te werken en ideeën uit te wisselen en op te doen.

varia is a media club house with a open door policy
varis is a smoothie of definitions
varia is bottom up media institution
club house for media people
varia is a variable

is a hybrid phygital (physical and digital) space assembled by a NL based collective interested in critically experimenting with various technologies in their trans-disciplinary practices.

(I think we can be playful though, even finding variables for eg.: collective = friends, thinkers and makers / technologies = artifacts  / tools / movements)

Varia presentations
- http://varia.zone/en/the-social-in-the-media.html
- https://pad.vvvvvvaria.org/varia-intro
- https://pad.vvvvvvaria.org/prague-ccld

Varia activities
digitale geletterheid
DIY/DIWO cultuur
fetischiseren we het proces van het zogenaamde "making" niet - "wij geloven dat theorie een pratktijk is, en dat pratktijk een vorm van kennis is"

Stretching vocabularies
"geven de voorkeur aan goedkope, ambachteljike oplossingen"
non-extractive software
appropriate technology / appropriate software
non-coercive computing*
tools ~ voorwerpen, die een een bepaalde mate aan autonomie mogelijk maken voor hun gebruikers / gereedschappen

*: Helen Pritchard, Eric Snodgrass, Romi Ron Morrison, Loren Britton, Joana Moll, Burn, dream and reboot!: speculating backwards for the missing archive on non-coercive computing (2020) - <https://dl.acm.org/doi/abs/10.1145/3351095.3375697>