Streaming with Infrafem


We've prepared a list of questions that we would love to discuss together with you from the perspective of different media (filecasting, etherpad writing, audio broadcast). You can see them below:

Cloud folder for public blog post


Puscii Liquidsoap files:

Temporary Riparian Zone , https://hackersanddesigners.nl/s/Events/p/Temporary_Riparian_Zone




Hackers & Designers

Radio EE


web sockets
phonestreaming/ app to stream audio and video from phone
reduce latency / increase latency :)

sense of occasion; why people stream and make dinner at the same time
need/feeling of being present
live vs archive

code of conduct

streaming in relation to archiving

archive episodes or not?
engagement to the moment
then it is like podcast
being live or not?
hard to engage people for this live moments
think about all these spaces and rooms
one ay stream but you also get this response but it is not that easy
collaborate with already existing platform
collete: I want an intimate space
how do you make broadcasting intimate?

negotiation of space
energy resource, quantify what is sustainable in specific time
allow these entaglements to happen
beauty and frustration

synchronicity with timezones
experience with radio ee and the 48h stream: different people from different groups in different timezones
the host had to think in different timezones

exquisite corpse radio
one streamer at a time, one snetence being shared at a time
different locatoin to stream for clients
fallback mount point

cache in radio, browser gets in the way 
formats of audio/files to play in other software
vlc: surprise to be able to listen to live audio

there was a time that different hardware/phone would play soecific formats. 
convert file formats
delay and layers of encoding/decoding
compression of sound
everything uses everything

listening to crappy radio

with the pad there is recording
liveness: being together instead of technical understanding
delete characters after a while?

metadata of the stream
icecast or liquidsoap streams the metadata live
web sockets: fast way to transfer data in real time
recently found out that websockets are what's used to collect behavioural data
Meta for example usue them to save information about user behaviour (where your cursor is etc)
but also Etherpads 

privacy, case of etherpad, etherdump, etherpump
different languages/layers of access
updates in the etherpad as a form of broadcasting
communication around make things run

ghost or host
it is a service but we are not service providers

Karl: archiving live streams, do we archive also chat?

after break

    wifi holes, test the stream, mobile set up, where are these holes, urban infrastructure
    experiment in language
    many people in the same stream, from different ports stream in the same stream
    experiment with a lag
    tmux-- no delay

streaming from phone with qr code

jan kees <3

Round of wishes for the afternoon
- simultaneous streams, fallback streams - to use liquidsoap on top of icecast, 
- multiple storytelling, whoopsies that happen, timelag, interhacking of different ideas and narrations that naturally happen and appear through whoopsies
- look inside the guts of radio streaming 
- etherpad plugin that deletes words after a number of seconds
- understanding the programming of the server of the multiplying ports within the server
- new names for streaming servers
- curious about hardware; making your own radio from a rock and from coils
- a chatroom you can access from a specific point
- quantum internet https://www.tudelft.nl/over-tu-delft/strategie/vision-teams/quantum-internet-vision-team/what-is-quantum-internet + https://www.tudelft.nl/over-tu-delft/strategie/vision-teams/quantum-internet-vision-team
- computing within limits: textual streams
- experimenting with latencies

Dear CateRadio's

On Saturday there is a festival in ivicke,  it would be great to meet up, and see eachother face to face and discuss what we want to do and why.

It would be great if people show up (at least for the get togethers) to give their input.

One of the things we want to do there is build up a test version (prototype) of the studio to work on / try out the cateradio setup we have build so far. So the goal of this is not so much to do a registration of the festival / do something for listeners, but more to have a space to meet / experiment.

The schedule so far (times and things are up for discussion, and depend when people have time, final shedule will be made friday night, check https://pad.puscii.nl/p/cr-schedule-festival):

# friday night
    - building up the studio
    - figuring out how things work 
    - have a meeting 
    - figure out the plan for saturday
    - do a little test broadcast to see if things work

# saturday
  13:00 doors of the studio open
  14:00 get together / discussion
  15:00 work on text for website / description of the project
  16:00 walkthrough of technical setup
  17:00 another meeting for people that are late
  ??:?? broadcast ??                                                                                                                                                                                    

Wrap up

kl and ccl got a bit lost in conversations
big simultaneous streaming group: looked at the structure of how to set up the server
crunk was everywhere and nowhere at the same time

some stones have bigger transmission power than others

crystals interfere with radio