= Idea is to reboot the radio station. =

== Things to do: ==

* Download more tracks, add more tracks. 
* Proper https (cert in icecast?)
* Cronjobs for automation of specials and other things. Making playlists etc.
* Use ActivityPub for Special shows, so that you can follow an announcement bot.
* Redesign front page with disclaimer, timetable and follow button

== working with rust and kroeg ==

== Rabbit Hole section ==
It's the middle of the night in Bacolod:

Current problems with using Kroeg.
*Very limited knowledge of Rust + rust ecosystem
*Very limited knowledge of Postgresql

Starting to do a tutorial in Rust, actually need better way of working in VIM
*installing NEOVIM
**It needs a bundler for plugins like Vundle?
**Its there : https://github.com/Shougo/neobundle.vim
***no wait here: https://github.com/Shougo/dein.vim

*wrote a vimrc file, combining bits from dein.vim and 

vim actually looks kinda neato now.

vim is great until you have a directory of multiple files.
the amount of different(often not working) answers to how to paste from one file to another is kinda stupid.

Still true:
    And the reality is that vi is amazing when you have to type a lot, and generate tons of code. You know what sort of programmers generate tons of code?
    Also true:
        While vim glorifies typing, because that’s the only thing that it can do, the rest of editors go beyond 1960 in computing and use a mouse.

back to rust
Aha! Cargo is Rust’s build system and package manager
install vim plugin for .toml syntax too..

cargo new cargo_test --bin
makes a:
    * new git repo
    * with inside a folder for src
    * and a toml file for dependencies
    * thats pretty cool

added a dependency to my first cargo.toml file,
Cargo build, then updates your crate index, downloads the needed dependencies, compiles them, plus your own src.
**Crates.io. Crates.io is where people in the Rust ecosystem post their open source Rust projects for others to use.
** half way here:https://static.rust-lang.org/doc/master/book/guessing-game.html
** ok done with this tutorial

=== Rabbit hole number 2 The Rocket section ===
Rocket has launched from http://localhost:8000

Epiphany moment:
* Rewrite the radio website with Rocket, can help me get rid of the https problem by putting the enitre webpage in Rocket
* Stream and all.
* And get rid of Jquery too. 

following this.
Nice, its easy to make routes with this, but I don't need them

Templating is what I need, and rocket has Tera and handlebars

https://github.com/Keats/tera Templating, it seems pretty straightforward.
it's basically Jinja2 but for Rust. Just need to load the old Radio website en replace the ANSI art inside the pre tag
and load the track info in some other place, maybe this time also occasionally generate track download links?

I don't like the marketing of this, but maybe this is a more straightforward solution, also because JS based
might be good to use for reloading the track info without reloading the page.