Minimal Viable Learning


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<> Reclaiming Digital Infrastructures feat. Minimal Viable Learning @ KASK, Gent (31 March 2021)

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<> Reclaiming Digital Infrastructures feat. Screen No Deal @ KASK, Gent (03 February 2021)


About this pad

Welcome to this pad, aka Etherpad, an open-source, web-based collaborative real-time editor, that allows authors to simultaneously edit a text document, and see all of the participants' edits in real-time. As you may be noticing it also displays each author's text in their own color. Etherpads typically also have a chat box as another form of communication between editors.

In this research trajectory we dive into the Etherpad as a learning environment, as a place for collective learning with/from each other. Minimalism is for us a departure point to make space for other possible forms of technologically mediated learning.

We focus on exploring and rediscovering the principles of calm technology and minimal computing, and accommodate different rhythms of engagement through the Etherpad, while stretching both the tool and our understandings of what online pedagogical places could be.

How is (or could) Etherpad be an educational environment?
How could minimal and viable tools shape collective learning?
How could collective learning shape minimal and viable tools?


Unpacking the title ...


Minimal computing. 
How is the etherpad minimal? And how not?
What is the computational ecological impact of this technologies?


Viable for collective work. 
For Varia, a tool becomes viable if we can work with it collectively. 
How is the etherpad a viable tool for being together and learning together? And how not? 

On accessibility: 


Exploring modes of learning together online.


Hospitallity — how to be a host on an Etherpad?

Moderation? Collective Conditions?

We gathered examples of collective usages of the etherpad, how different communities set the conditions, conduct codes, scores and more for collective learning experiences.

Etherpad instances

Hosting initiatives

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Artist-run pads

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Etherpad welcome messages/padtiquettes

-- Varia:

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  Welcome to the etherpad-lite instance hosted by Varia! 
  You are most welcome to use it but please take note of the following things: 

  - The pads are not indexed by search engines, but anyone that knows its URL is welcome to read and edit it.

  - The contents of the pads are not encrypted, meaning that they are not private. 
  - Anyone with access to the server has the possibility to see the content of your pads. 

  - We make our own backups, meaning the the contents of all pads sit on our harddrives potentially indefinitely.
  - Because the identity of a pad author cannot be confirmed, we don't respond to pad retrieval requests.

  - If you rely on the content of these pads, please remember to make your own backups.
  - The availability of the pads is subject to cosmic events, spilled drinks and personal energies.

  - Both the physical and digital spaces of Varia are subject to our Code of Conduct <>

  If you wish to publish a pad to the Varia etherdump <> add the magic word __ PUBLISH __ (remove the spaces between the word and __) to your pad.

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Warm-up and Cool down Exercises

[Note to ourselves: maybe we split between "setting collective conditions" and "writing tools"?]