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This vocabulary was brought to Varia during the Relearn session in April 2019.



Other geometries:

"Maybe it is not about replacing one term by another, but to find ways to cut diagonally through them" (Martino)

Affective Infrastructures 
Gevoelige infrastructuren 
Infraestructuras Afectivas
Infraestructuras Afectivas 
Infrastructures affectives  
Infrastructuri afective 
Υποδομές που μεριμνούν
"What remains for our pedagogy of unlearning is to build affective infrastructures that admit the work of desire as the work of an aspirational ambivalence." (Lauren Berlant)

Affirmative Technologies 
Bejahende (affirmative) Technologien
Bevestigingstechnologie / Bekrachtigingstechnologie 
Technologies affirmatives 
Tecnologias Afirmativas 
Tecnologías Afirmativas 
Tehnologii Afirmative 
Καταφατικές (ως προς το σύστημα) Τεχνολογίες
Technologies that implement affirmative ethics.
"Calling for hybridized poly-lingualism and creolization on a global scale is an affirmative answer to the coercive mono-culturalism imposed by the colonial and imperial powers. The ethics of productive affirmation is a different way of handling the issue of how to deal with pain and traumas and to operate in situations which are extreme, while working to bring out the generative force of zoe – life beyond the ego-bound human" (Rosi Braidotti)

Agenciamiento relacional (?) 
Libre arbitre relatif 
Livre arbítrio relacional (?) 
Relational Agency 
Relațional Arbitru
Relationales Handeln (agency = act?)
Σχεσιακή Δυνατότητα Δράσης 
"Agency is not held, it is not a property of persons or things; rather, agency is an enactment, a matter of possibilities for reconfiguring entanglements." (Lauren Berlant)

Ahnenhafte Netzwerke
Ancestral Networks 
Redes Ancestrais 
Redes Ancestrales 
Réseaux Ancestraux 
Rețea Ancestrală 
Reti Ataviche 
Προγονικά Δίκτυα 
"Networks that have life in the center" (Tatiana)

Alianțe Încurcate 
Alianzas incómodas 
Ongemakkelijke Samenwerkingsverbanden 
Unbehagliche Bündnisse
Uneasy Alliances 
Ανήσυχες Συμμαχίες

(Reinaart Vanhoe)

Ambitieuze Ambivalentie 
Ambivalence ambitieuse
Ambivalencia Aspiracional
Ambivalență Pretențioasă 
Aspirational Ambivalence 
Διφορούμενη Φιλοδοξία
See: Affective Infrastructures
(Lauren Berlant)

Ambivalente Precariteit 
Ambivalente Prekarität
Ambivalent Precarity 
Precariedad Ambivalente
Precariedade Ambivalente 
Precaritate Ambivalentă 
Précarité ambivalente 
Διφορούμενη Αβεβαιότητα
"Precarity is ambivalent, because we are always dependent on other people, from the begining, but other people can also harm us, so we need an understanding of ethics to cope with this ambivalence." (Judith Butler)

Rețele Și-Și
Y Y Redes

A Rămâne cu Neajunsul 
Blijvend met problemen / Bij de problemen blijven
Permanecer Con la Dificultad (?)
Staying With the Trouble 
Παραμένοντας σε εμπλοκή με το πρόβλημα 
(Donna Haraway)

(Edouard Glissant)

Autonimías Enredadas 
Autonomie Coinvolte
Autonomies emmêlées
Entangled Autonomies 
Verknoopte Autonomie 
Διαπλεκόμενες Αυτονομίες

Auto-organizados (multiple selves?)
Organisiertes Selbst / Selbstorganisiert (multiple selves?)
Organizați-prin-sine (multiple selves?)

Diffractive Technologies diffracting technologies 
Tecnologias Difractivas
Tecnologías Difractivas 
Τεχνολογίες που προκαλούν διάθλαση


Collectieve Individuatie 
Collective Individuation
Individuação colectiva
Individuación colectiva 
Individualisation collective 
Individuare Colectivă 
Συλλογική Εξατομίκευση 
(Yuk Hui and Harry Halpin with Gilbert Simondon)

Collectively Individuating

"... what all of these new transgressive, intersectional, and integrative movements [of techno-feminism] have in common is an attitude of care or concern. In many ways, they are caring, worrying, ready to take responsibility, anchored in the here and now, and on the lookout for new types of relations. While searching for answers to global and local problems, engaging in scientific research, and devising technological solutions, this attitude of care contributes to the establishment of a new form of knowledge, a knowledge that rejects objectivization and is interested not only in observations and representations but also in transformations – in forging relations with things, in being affected, and thus in changing itself and the world in a process of co-transformation." (Cornelia Solfrank)


Derde ruimte
Third Space
"A liminal space in between colliding cultures “which gives rise to something different, something new and unrecognizable, a new area of negotiation of meaning and representation." (Homi Bhabha)

Deep Implicancy
(Denise Ferreira Silva)

Dividual Networks 
Redes Dividuais
Redes Individuales 
Zonderlijke Netwerken
Διασπάσιμα (ως προς το κέντρο τους) Δίκτυα
Network technologies that put dividuality at the center
Enkel meerzijdig zijn
Être singulier pluriel
(Jean-Luc Nancy)

Eccentric technologies
(Hope A. Olson)

En medio de (?)
(?) Μεταίχμιο  
"Nepantla is the point of contact y el lugar between worlds—between imagination and physical existence, between ordinary and nonordinary (spirit) realities." (Gloria Anzaldúa)

Eigenartige Netzwerke
Queer Networks 
Redes Queer 
Κουήρ Δίκτυα
Estudios Promiscuos 
Promiscuidade Estudada
Studied Promiscuity 
Μελετημένη Μοιχεία
(Kara Keeling)

Feministische Servers 
Feminist Servers
Server Feminist 
Serveur féministe
Servidores Feministas
Servidores Feministas 
Φεμινιστικός Σέρβερ
Choose your dependencies!

Feminist Infrastructures 
Feministische Infrastructuren 
Infraestructuras Feministas
Infraestructuras Feministas 
Infrastructures féministes
Φεμινιστικές Υποδομές

... Federadas
Federated ... 
... Fédéré
Gefedereerde ... 
Ομοσπονδιακά ...

Indeterminate Precarity 
Onbepaalde bestaansonzekerheid 
Precariedad Indeterminadad 
Precarietá Indefinita
Précarité incertaine 
Ακαθόριστη Επισφάλεια
"Indeterminacy, the unplanned nature of time, is frightening, but thinking through precarity makes it evident that indeterminacy also makes life possible." (Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing)

Interdependent Networks
Tussen-afhankelijke Netwerken
Réseaux interdépendants
Rețele Interdependente
Αλληλοεξαρτημένα Δίκτυα
Redes Interdependientes
Redes Interdependentes

Interdépendance possible 
Interdependencia habitable 
Interdependência habitável
Interdependență Suportabilă
Leefbare Tussen-afhankelijkheid 
Livable Interdependency 
Ζωτική Αλληλοεξάρτηση 
(Judith Butler)

Internet Paranodal
Internet para-nodal 
Paranodal Internet 
Para-puntig Internet 
Παρακομβικό Διαδίκτυο
What is outside and beyond the form of the network?
"The paranode is the horizon, the site of futurity that contra-internet practices move toward. As contra-infrastructure and theoretical model, the paranode proposes two militancies: the practical search for antiwebs, which is not a killing or disappearing but a commons to come; and the intellectual task of making thinkable that which is not only outside the internet but also beyond the network form itself." (Zach Blas)

Intersectional Technologies 
Technologies intersectionnelles
Tecnologías interseccionales 
Tecnologias Intersectionais
Tehnologii Intersecționale
Tussendoorsnedige technologieën 
Διατομεακές Τεχνολογίες


"If we posit métissage as, generally speaking, the meeting and synthesis of two differences, creolization seems to be a limitless métissage, it’s elements diffracted and its consequences unforeseeable. Creolization diffracts, whereas certain forms of métissage can concentrate one more time" (Edouard Glissant)
"métissage(?) is proposed to the ch´ixi as a decolonizing force of the crossbreeding. Far from fusion or hybridity, it is a question of living together and inhabiting contradictions. Not to deny one part or the other, nor to seek a synthesis, but to admit the permanent fighting in our subjectivity between the indigenous and the european." (Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui)

Mogelijke Verdergaandheid 
Possible Ongoingness
Πιθανή ?
We all share this problem, and we all have very different ideas about what to do about it. That’s already hard enough. That does not mean the science is not settled on climate change, or that relativism reigns; it does mean learning to compose possible ongoingness inside relentlessly diffracting worlds. (Donna Haraway)

Niet-onafhankelijke relationaliteit
Non-sovereign relationality
Rationalité non souveraine
Relacionalidad no soberana
Relaționalitate Nonsuverană
Μη-κυριαρχική Σχεσιακότητα
(Lauren Berlant)

"After all, the subversive intellectual came under false pretenses, with bad documents, out of love. Her labor is as necessary as it is unwelcome. The university needs what she bears but cannot bear what she brings. And on top of all that, she disappears. She disappears into the underground, the downlow lowdown maroon community of the university, into the undercommons of enlightenment, where the work gets done, where the work gets subverted, where the revolution is still black, still strong." (Stefano Harney & Fred Moten)

Overgankelijke Opschorting 
Transitional Suspension 
Vorrübergehender Aufschub
Μεταβατική Αναστολή
"Learning to be awkward, to be graceful, to leap, and to fall is a training in attention and also in revisceralizing one's bodily intuition. It is a training that collapses getting hurt with making a life, but that includes the welcoming of exposure alongside of a dread of it. There can be no change in life without revisceralization. This involves all kinds of loss and transitional suspension." (Lauren Berlant)

Poiesis Solidaria
Solidarity Poiesis 
Αλληλέγγυα Ποίηση
"I believe it is crucial to enable a poetics that generates infrastructures of their own kind, ones that can be seen as sensuous, ‘non-reproductive’ extensions of our sociality. After all, that which can be deemed crucial for imagination is the sensuousness that imagination is operating with: the resistance of the concrete to any form of abstraction or reduction." (Robin Vanbesien)

Respuesta Responsable (?) 
Ικανότητα να ανταποκριθώ υπεύθυνα
The ability to react to something but also taking responsability for that response.
"Blaming Capitalism, Imperialism, Neoliberalism, Modernization, or some other “not us”for ongoing destruction webbed with human numbers will not work either. These issues demand difficult, unrelenting work; but they also demand joy, play, and response-ability to engage with unexpected others." (Donna Haraway)

Solidaire technologieën
Solidaridad Tecnológica
Solidary Technology 
Αλληλέγγυα Τεχνολογία

(Lynn Margulin)

(Donna Haraway)

Μετα-τομεακότητα (?)


Dear Reader, here are some trans*feminist reworkings of vocabularies and imaginaries linked to 'sovereignity', 'freedom', 'independence' and 'autonomy'. This cluster of words is often used in activist tech-communities to talk about the kind of tools, softwares, networks and servers we need and want. We have learned to understand them as positive, but they implicitly and sometimes explicitly foreground separation rather than relation. They evoke techno-utopias elsewhere, instead of staying with the trouble that we are already entangled in. This bookmark proposes other ways we might speak about the desirable and desired horizons of technology. Many of the terms on this list modify existing concepts; rather than trying to replace them they introduce dynamic tension.

Beste Lezer, hier zijn wat trans*feministische herwerkingen van het taalgebruik en de verbeelding rond termen als soevereiniteit, vrijheid, onafhankelijkheid en autonomie. Dit cluster aan woorden komt je vaak tegen in technologisch-activistische gemeenschappen. Daar worden ze gebruikt om het te hebben over de soorten gereedschappen, softwares, netwerken en servers die we nodig hebben en in de wereld willen zien. We hebben ze leren kennen als positieve termen waar we ons achter kunnen scharen. Het zijn echter termen die impliciet en soms ook expliciet (af)scheiding inplaats van relatie benadrukken. Het zijn ook termen die technische-utopias elders veronderstellen, in tijd of plaats. Hoe kunnen we in de buurt blijven van de problematiek waar we nu mee te maken hebben. Deze boekenlegger stelt een woordenschat voor die we kunnen gebruiken om anders te spreken over wenselijke en gewenste technologische vergezichten. Vanuit de wens ze niet te vervangen, maar van een dynamische spanning te voorzien, zijn veel van de termen op deze lijst aanpassingen van bestaande concepten.

Αγαπητοί Αναγνώστες, εδώ θα βρείτε τρανς-φεμινιστικές επαναπροσεγγίσεις λέξεων και φαντασιακών (σκέψεων) που συνδέονται με έννοιες 'κυριαρχίας', 'ελευθερίας', 'ανεξαρτησίας' και 'αυτονομίας'. Αυτό το σύμπλεγμα λέξεων χρησιμοποιείται συχνά σε κοινότητες τεχνολογικού ακτιβισμού όταν μιλάμε για τους τύπους εργαλείων, προγραμμάτων, δικτύων και τεχνολογικών υποδομών (server) που θέλουμε και έχουμε ανάγκη. Περιλαμβάνει όρους που έχουμε μάθει να καταλαβαίνουμε ως θετικούς, αλλά σιωπηρά ή ρητά προβάλλουν τον διαχωρισμό αντί της συσχέτισης. Όροι που παραπέμπουν σε τεχνο-ουτοπίες Aλλού, αντί να παραμένουν σε εμπλοκή με τα υπάρχοντα προβλήματα. Ο παρών σελιδοδείκτης προτείνει εναλλακτικούς τρόπους να μιλήσουμε για επιθυμητους τεχνολογικούς ορίζοντες. Πολλοί όροι σ'αυτή τη λίστα τροποποιούν υπάρχοντες έννοιες - αντι να επιδιώκουν την αντικατάστασή τους, ενεργοποιούν εντάσεις.

Querido lector, he aquí algunas modificaciones trans*feministas de vocabulario e imaginarios vinculados a la `soberanía', la `Libertad', la `Independencia' y la `Autonomía'. Este grupo de palabras se utilizan a menudo en las comunidades tecnológicas activistas para hablar sobre el tipo de herramientas, softwares, redes y servidores que necesitamos y queremos. Hemos aprendido a entenderlas como positivas, pero implícita y a veces explícitamente, como una separación más que como una relación. Evocan las tecno-utopías en otros lugares, en lugar de quedarnos con el problema que ya estamos viviendo. Este marcador propone otras formas en las que podemos hablar sobre los horizontes deseables y deseados de la tecnología. Muchos de los términos de esta lista modifican los conceptos existentes; en lugar de tratar de reemplazarlos, introducen una tensión dinámica.

Antwerpen, Abril/Avril/april 2019
Networks with An Attitude


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"Does recuperating "autonomous zones" and "safe spaces” of smaller networks represent effective resistence to the new technological formalism of big tech’s computational social scientists? Or does it simply highlight the fact that the twin ideals of autonomy and participation that were once seen as not only related but actually entailing one another have proved themselves to be all too frequently incomensurable as to be a participant is always to be enrolled in some kind of infrastructure ?"

David Garcia, Nettime (02/07/2019)