███████ ██   ██ ███    ███      ██  ██   ██    
   ██      ██   ██ ████  ████     ████████ ███    
   █████   ███████ ██ ████ ██      ██  ██   ██    
   ██      ██   ██ ██  ██  ██     ████████  ██    
   ██      ██   ██ ██      ██      ██  ██   ██    

https://chat.vvvvvvaria.org  - public vvvvvvaria chat
https://bbb.constantvzw.org/b/ang-twu-g0m-hib - bigbluebutton call
https://stream.vvvvvvaria.org/ - experimental video stream (if you can't access BBB)
#fhm:untanga.org - Matrix chat room https://element.io/ alt. https://riot.untanga.org/

mara's zines:
https://psaroskalazines.gr/zines/ - zines zines zines more on these zines: https://prints.cucu.gr/, https://git.systerserver.net/mara/vpn-zines/-/wikis/docs


   Jargon File!

Jargon File:
    *The Jargon File is a glossary and usage dictionary of slang used by computer programmers.

    *The server looks like a 'pizza box' packed in a type of bookcase along with a whole lot of other similar servers. (https://web.archive.org/web/20050408091620/http://systerserver.net/ )
    *Εξυπηρετητής ή διακομιστής (αγγλ.: server) είναι υλικό ή / και λογισμικό που αναλαμβάνει την παροχή διάφορων υπηρεσιών, «εξυπηρετώντας» αιτήσεις άλλων προγραμμάτων, γνωστών ως πελάτες (clients) που μπορούν να τρέχουν στον ίδιο υπολογιστή ή σε σύνδεση μέσω δικτύου.
    *A server is a software or hardware device that accepts and responds to requests made over a network. On the Internet, the term "server" commonly refers to the computer system that receives requests for a web files and sends those files to the client.

Autonomous server: 
    *Autonomous servers are part of a broader movement of autonomous technical infrastructures, deriving from the Appropriate Technology (AT) movement of the '70s and '80s.
    *Autonomous servers provide hosting and online services. Each collective has their own policies, terms of use, sustainability models. By running your own server you can have control over your/collective's personal data.  

Feminist server: 
    *A feminist server is a concept that combines the need for autonomous technical infrastructures with feminist urgencies. It is an ongoing effort to provide technical literacy and means to ensure that works, publications, data and memories of feminist communities are properly accessible and managed.
    *A feminist server does not only provide storage and services to preserve and protect feminist websites, wikis, mailing lists and social networks. It is also a powerful thinking tool that raises questions around technology today, e.g. issues of dependency, expectations, availability, openess, privacy and so many more. (from https://vimeo.com/302087898 )
    *Feminist servers have been a topic of discussion, a partially-achieved aim and a set of slow-political practices among an informal group of transfeminists interested in creating a more autonomous infrastructure to ensure that data, projects and memory of feminist groups are properly accessible, preserved and managed. (from https://alexandria.anarchaserver.org/ )

### Mail server
    * An open source SMTP server, necessary to send out any mails, system mails and mailinglist mails

### Web servers 
    * An open source http/s server software
    * Another open source http/s server software

### Python related:
    * a programming language
    * it is an export of the netherlands? or started by a dutch person? I think so.
    * Python was created by Guido van Rossum (Dutch programmer), and first released on February 20, 1991.
    *a tribute to the British comedy group Monty Python
    * Package manager for Python. Installs packages from the Python Package Index (PyPI) by default.
Python venv:
    * Lightweight "virtual enviourments" for Python. Useful to isolate python packages to your project.
    * python based web framework

### Misc
    * Lynx is a web browser for command-line interfaces.
    *Is the rust package manager
configuration file:
    * I find this term very often as a linux user. It took me some time to understand that I can change configurations in a textfile

### database
    * an open-source database
    * the aspect of patriarchy we want to deconstruct ;) <3

## Mailman components
    *Mailman is free software for managing electronic mail discussion and e-newsletter lists.
    *Mailman is free software, distributed under the GNU General Public License, and written in the Python programming language.
    *Mailman is a funny word. indeed :D

    * another software? an alternative to the alternative?

    * an alternative to the alternative to the alternative :P

    * Free software. It is the Web UI for GNU Mailman.

    * HyperKitty is a Django-based application providing a web interface to access GNU Mailman v3 archives, and interact with the lists.

    * It stands for `Web Server Gateway Interface`. It is used to forward requests from a web server (such as Apache or NGINX) to a backend Python web application or framework.

unicorn (gnunicorn actually):
    * a python based proxy (speaks WSGI to a web server that also speaks WSGI)
    * https://gnunicorn.org/
    * a small poem I learned today: 'unicorn is a proxy between apache and mailman' (this sentence helps me to understand partially what is happening at the moment)
    * another poem: 'this is how apache talks to unicorn right now'
    * the unicorn systemd service also runs mailman-web


### Command Line
chown (command):
    * change the owner of a file or directory

SU (Substitute User):
    * Allows you to run commands as another user. Defaults to the root user.

Terminal presentation:
    * We have to ask Mara how they did it!
    * Its present, https://github.com/vinayak-mehta/present
    * Markdown file presentation utility in the command line.
       → It is suuuper cooool! Thanks for showing that! (np :D)
    * https://youtu.be/K_6peGEsq0U Fun talk about terminal animations/slides
    * few tools that provide command line presentations: https://opensource.com/article/19/8/command-line-presentation-tools
    * I did mine with https://itsfoss.com/presentation-linux-terminal/


BBB data savings note:
    For those who have trouble with bandwidth, can you go to BBB settings -> top right and disable video, under data saving




alternative mailinglist software: https://listmonk.app/, https://www.sympa.org/

First task of mara: 
    Make a mailman user?

Mara installs a bunch of things

mailman core is different from mailman web

so many terms like hyperkitty, gnunicorn

notes on using apache webserver instead of nginx, unicorn is a proxy between mailman and apache2 or nginx. Perhaps that is why default installation uses nginx? If you refer to "Default installation" as the official documentation, it's just a preference. There is a general misunderstanding that gunicorn works better with nginx. This is not true, see details on gunicorn's docs:

notes on hostname, numerical value and port for the lmtp protocol inside the mailman3 main configuration > mailman.cfg

by making your own mail server you can archive your emails in your machine

the emails themselves are stored in the database, but can also be stored on the filesystem (see docs)

you can avoid using the archiver but then nobody can search back and see previous emails in the web UI

from what I understand until now mara is editing configuration files

donna: if I go to an opera I don't understand what is going on. Same with mailman workshop

Would it be possible to have something like a Matrix group for FHM (or does it already exist)? 
try to join with this link through element client !bRkFZhLCviATaWNPZc:untanga.org
To join the #fhm:untanga.org matrix room, type `/join !bRkFZhLCviATaWNPZc:untanga.org` or go to the join group menu and type `#fhm:untanga.org`
    → and to have it bridged to IRC :) (bridges are always nice :D)
    - it would be nice to have a digital space to hang-out for sure
    yeah we have donna's instance!!! we meet there for etc and systerserver meetings

riot.untanga.org (my personal vps) <3
registration enabled was true. needed riot subdomain instead of matrix :)

    → Can you make a room for fhm-social or similar? (+1) yeah lets do that / almost there
https://matrix.org/docs/projects/client/element/ - easy to use matrix client (the best one <3)

tools for the presentation

24 people suffering the joy the right now in the BBB
lots of suffering!
I have to watch back the recording :P
yes it is good that we record this...ouf
we are almost there to see the installation in action (!)
hahah when someone else is doing it it's not suffering though!hahaha
haha yes indeed
shared screen on terminal is pure empathy
24 people & the joy of working through the mail pain together right now in the BBB! :)

$ echo sooooo many commands
sooooo many commands
$ unicorn, daemons, hyperkitties
bash: unicorn,: command not found
$ echo unicorn, daemons, hyperkitties

... migrate - initiate DB tables
... collectstatic → creates web/stacic/ files
... createsuperuser → for web browser with this credentials (correct if wrong)

many proxies
many many proxies
proxy the proxies of the proxy
  ProxyPass "/" "http://localhost:8000/" → "no need for https as it is local connection"

I transcribe Donna: "Donna is looking in the mailman archives for the admin systers list. I check emails of 2019. I think we moved in 2016 from the Netherlands to Austria"

"a message from 2014 from archives"
"true, the Systerserver project has been around, but dormant for a long
long time! Good news however - last year a bunch of us pooled our
resources and bought a humming new machine. We called it Jean, after
ENIAC programmer Jean Bartik, installed Free Software on it and placed
it in data centre in The Netherlands."

"this is a quote from the mailing list"
"date of the quote: 03/09/2014, 09:46"

What terminal is mara using? (i dont recognize the pink top part) dont know maybe terminator? you can style your terminal


so now mara migrates the mailing lists

=========== break until 2:30p.m. =======

## Discussion 
- streaming form OBS to vvvvvvaria server
- peertube didn't work out
- nginx stream feature

mailman3 is OK for those that are familiar with django

there was a change to an ethernet cable :D

lurk && learn = lurn
through making a glossary, untangling words, terminology to slowly feel less overwhelmed

myth : service (as female) should be always available
from homebrew server xmpp channel: unavailability is the new availability 
   → playing with more local networks, also you can ask : where is it available and where not? To whom? ;)
Also, mailman archiving policy is public by default... availability / visibility paradigm of patriarchy.
indeed good point

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      |  _|"  V  | |   /| |_| |\ |  _|" R \| |_) |/ \| |_) |/ \/ _ \/ /| | | |
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       (_V_) (_A_)(_R_) (_I_)(_A_) ("_)(__) (__) (__)  (_P_)(_A_)_D_)  (__)  (__)

  Welcome to the etherpad-lite instance hosted by Varia! 
  You are most welcome to use it but please take note of the following things: 

  - The pads are not indexed by search engines, but anyone that knows its URL is welcome to read and edit it.

  - The contents of the pads are not encrypted, meaning that they are not private. 
  - Anyone with access to the server has the possibility to see the content of your pads. 

  - We make our own backups, meaning the the contents of all pads sit on our harddrives potentially indefinitely.
  - Because the identity of a pad author cannot be confirmed, we don't respond to pad retrieval requests.

  - If you rely on the content of these pads, please remember to make your own backups.
  - The availability of the pads is subject to cosmic events, spilled drinks and personal energies.

  - Both the physical and digital spaces of Varia are subject to our Code of Conduct <https://varia.zone/en/pages/code-of-conduct.html>

  If you wish to publish a pad to the Varia etherdump <https://etherdump.vvvvvvaria.org/> add the magic word __ PUBLISH __ (remove the spaces between the word and __) to your pad.

boo! (very scary)