Selling Empathy
Some conversation starters... (feel free to add your own)

߸ What can empathy be at the service of when prompted by businesses operating under capitalism? (LINE 7)

። Thinking about the quote from Osagie Obasogie "Seeing is not believing. Rather, to believe, in a sense, is to see." How could we re-position ourselves and our "beliefs" / truths if we consider this comment? (LINE 17) be more aware of and practice sympathy? trying not the be the centre of our own existence?

꘏ Poverty porn reinforcing power dynamics ... our obsession with VR ... I am curious to think about what it means for the art world to be so obsessed with this VR shit ... VR as escapism ? (LINE 19)
Is empathy even a desirable requirement for social change? (LINE 25)