Beyond Code-Switching

Some conversation starters... (feel free to add your own)

¡ "Racism is a form of theft Yes, it has justified the theft of land, labor, and life throughout the centuries. But racism also robs us of our relationships, stealing our capacity to trust one another, ripping away the social fabric, every anonymous post pilfering our ability to build community."
I appreciate this sentence, it makes me think that there are parts of social relation that can exist in spite of / across a racist society, which are at some point of our lives stolen from us. (LINE 9)

Can we think about the "codes" of the dominant classes we can perceive around us? (and which ones would you say are "undesirable?) (LINE 3)

What code-switching do we perform ourselves? To aid a code "vanishing" do we need to stop performing? (LINE 3)

𐏐 How can we encourage an "informed refusal" in the users of racist technologies, not only the workers? (LINE 25)

Why are we more adept at "rationalizing racism."?(LINE 9)