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Today we will use this pad as a space to think, to write, to annotate, and to hopefully start building a resource that collects thoughts, ideas, wishes, and skills from all of you. I will start posting a question at a time, to which you can respond freely directly into the pad. You can respond with your own answers, but you are also welcome to respond, agree, second, or counter the responses of your peers. To start getting used to this format, let’s start with something simple. Please write your name, pronoun, and how you are feeling below:

Joseph (they/she) - feeling a little low on energy but excited
Agustin (He/Him)Feeling a bit tired, sleepy, and anxious from everything i need to do today. If you need to leave at any point to tend to the things you need to do, please take that liberty!Thanks I appreciate that, i'll keep an eye out for my anxiety level and will decide then. Thanks!
Lauren (She/Her) Feeling: TBD. But this is fun already.
.Nazaket (she/her)Feeling in between many things
Charlotte // (she/her) // feeling optimistic and challenged
Gordon (he/him) Feeling more or less neutral today. Excited to be starting with the SoC work! But also tired from the last few (very busy) weeks. .
Eleonora (she/her) Feeling positive compared to previous weeks, trying not to think too far ahead and get anxious.don't worry, you are in good company ;)
Caterina (she/her) feeling tired after an intense working morning but happy and excited to be here.
Betül (she/her) - feeling blue I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully this time together can turn that around or add some sparkle Thank you :) Did you choose blue or did blue choose you? Ahah, I choose it. I actually like feeling blue, it is a bright colour. Mint chose me. Must have known I was chewing gum :) :))))
Amy (she/her) feeling pretty energised and v. inspired from yesterday still, a little groggy but I'm about to have a coffee so hopefully that will help..now I'm this colour!
Laura (she/her) / landing. Receptive. 
Marea (SHE/Her) looking forward to today
Sol (she/her) It is so cold here, but exited about today
Carina (she/her) also freezing but warm feelings.I can empathize with that, theres something very comfortable about being cold but being able to cozy up/warm up.
Nata (she/her) - feeling like i'm arriving gradually..it's so beautiful to watch the slow and jittery progres of the group responding below - like a beehive
Listening to:
    Kid Cudi love it.Did you see him on SNL? - Yes so beautiful! noice I'm also listening to music :)
Chantelle // she/her // feeling a little low on energy today but excited to here with you all. 
Mujgan (she/her) feeling good but too busy STORY OF OUR LIVES TOTES
My name in English is Pule Welch. My name ngesiNtu is Pule kaJanolintji Mbokodo ebomvu kaMagayisa wagingqa wagingqa zonke izihlahla. OwakwaNjane kaMthimkhulu kaNotshelwa kaMagabha kaMbangi kaMavovo. Usually I would write my name in N'Ko alphabet, let's see if it's supported here: 
ߔߎ߯ߟߍ߫ ߞߊ-ߖߊ߬ߣߏ߬ߟߌ߲߯ߗߌ
Yes it is. Ha. I guess all unicode is supported. As far a pronoun, in SiNtu languages we don't have gendered pronouns, so I don't care about pronoun for myself in English. Today I'm fine, Alhamdulillah.;):) love this

Okay great! The first question we would like to ask you, and that we would like you to ask yourselves, is: ‘Why am I participating in School of Commons?’ Please write your thoughts on this question below:
    Thinking. I think it's because I often care more about the ways I work together with others than about the outcome, and SoC is a great chance to learn new methods, dive into decentralized practices and let myself enjoy the process and the exploration. And it's exciting to meet a motley crew of practitioners who also love have commoning as a way of doing things.♡✧( ु•⌄• )
    Because places like this gives me hope about the possibility of alternative learning/education that we need today more than ever as the traditional/patriarchal/hegemonic frameworks do not take into account the plurality of backgrounds and contexts. Furthermore, doing it with a friend with whom you share the same thoughts makes it even more special! 
    Because I've learned more than ever before within School of Commons from all the ppl who participated in the last 5 years and getting to know all the new fields of interests, ideas and ways of approaching knowledge production feels like unwrapping a christmas gift every day:)
    For me, School of Commons feels like a space to think about and experiment with different ways of working and living together; being together, otherwise. Resonating with this, deeply.(❁´‿`❁)*✲゚*
    Hmmm.... For  the space to research experimentally in ways that other places do not allow. And cause doing it alone was getting depressing . Def for the people/connection/commoning. And if I'm being honest, I am never-not seeking new challenges for myself (for better and for worse) - and this felt like one of those opportunities.
    To be/learn/work/develop in exchange with others. To listen. Because I am interested to see my project through the lense/as a practice of Commoning and test/elaborate it in this regard. To take theory into the realm of practice. I am interested in self organization and decentralized education.TO FIND ACCOMPLICES yaaas.
    Because I wanted to be part of a community that listens and recpects different opinions. SoC seemed like the right place to start a discussion about current conflicts I'm dealing with. < ditto. clapclap
    I wanted to challenge myself with my research, place myself in more unknown terriority (other-than-individual reseach and learning, self-organised learning, communal learning and knowledge exchange) and to explore new types collaborations, research trajectories, methods and ideas to my own research and I very much wanted to be part of a community of researchers and makers. I always read and write about the commons so I wanted to put some of this into practice 
I feel school of commons and the work i get to do with fire is scary( gordon/ariel/sol)
 gives me the opportunity to break out of the conventional/conservative/
 hegemonic/patriarchichal/you name it, way in which music and musicians usually interact
  in academic settings. yesterday i made the realization to my partner that maybe i dont belong in the music industry but rather in the transdisciplinary arts space and ways of thinking this is so interesting! maybe these worlds can meet?, through my personal practice of music and social/educational dynamics. I believe just out of the experience from yesterday can very much be space to meet minds that inspire this process and possibly push me to think in this direction of transdiciplinary creation and work in my own practice.To be in an environmnet like this makes me feel hopefull that there is desire of otherness beyond the conventional/conservative/hegemonic/patriarchichal/you-name-it of the academic music experience. Nice! I can relate to the need for hybrid spaces where your own practice doesn't have to be constrained to one specific field/discipline.YES!! I just feel like learning doesnt take place in a bubble, it cant or at least not in a bubble cemented for the past 400 years  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯100% agree! +1!
  Because reading and writing on my own feels very lonely sometimes and I get stuck in my thoughts. In my thoughts I am often either to lazy to rethink, deconstruct and restart or I am to harsh towards me and I get stuck. It is a challenge for me to share ideas, texts or artistic experiments in early versions - I want to be brave and show myself and my work in a state of uncertainty.resonate with me:) same here!!can relate so much.
  I was looking for a space and set up where I can explore new ideas, perspectives and learning methods outside of traditional academia, and I wanted to hear and listen to new voices and ideas. Also its a great opportunity for collaborating and thinking together and I think in terms of even personal relations- it will be an interesting experience researching a topic for several months with a friend.

  I needed a space where to situate the research and I belive SoC is the right one: it is giving space for sharing and debate with peers, freedom in the research but a bit of structure. Also having a shared schedule is giving an interesting frame to the working flow: not feling and lost alone in the time but also not be pressured as in school program
  For me SoC is really a space to develop a specific project/research. It is a huge help to be able to access some resources to be able to realize FiS in a more direct way. I am sure there will be many more benefits beyond this as well though- 
  For me, umm..I want to learn and find, discuss the way that we can work together. Also I wanted to give our project space which we can all focuse about process more, experiment, learn each other's rhythm through SoC.After yesterday, I feel this space is way more inspireing than I expect, I see projects connected with our interest and it would be really nice if some nice vibe come out during the program.
  I'm here because Chan Lue is a boss (FIRE) haha.. mad love (((O)))and thought it would be a good idea. It's very good to have a global collaborative workshop space at this time in history. It's like a wartime. So spaces like this have extra weight. Everyone here seems to be on a similar tip thinking-wise. This is encouraging. At the same time it's many things from all angles. I like the potential for improvisation.Actually this point about similar tip thinking-wise got me thinking yesterday - also how people from different geographies and backgrounds manage to find a common space in structures like this, it provides a refuge in some sort of way- but probably also once can be quickly carried away? I agree with this in both instances - no idea is unique so there are bound to be many people thinking along the same lines at any one time, and by the same token multiple directions seem exciting. My notes from yesterday are lit. It's like TELL THIS PERSON ABOUT THIS OTHER THING about 20 times. haha i can relate :) 
  quite simply to explore, test, and share ways in which all manners of knowledge can circulate (be they embodied, abstract,verbal, established, fragile...), without necessarily having to consider a hierarchy or prioritization of these interlocking ways-of-knowing --> to learn together

  the application process was pretty exceptional too. yes! the first i've seen that asked for anon spplications. sooooo refreshing!  
  that was a good sign already. coming from a different place of thinking and practice from the get-go. This is really great to hear, we keep on trying to make the application process more accessible, I'm sure there are other ways we can improve.for sure it already set the tone for something special. a special place and thing (hub? group?) to be part of.I agree! I love the idea of getting rid of our cv-identities.+1
  I am always interested in how such spaces are facilitated to grow ideas and cross collaboration. I really liked how SoC presented. I was hella excited to develop this idea with Pule and to be able to imagine it grow in this enviroment was exciting. 

Thank you for your thoughts everyone! Next, we would like to make space for needs & wishes, fears & doubts, and hopes & dreams. Starting with the first: Do you have any specific (or less specific) needs or wishes to make your participation in School of Commons as pleasant, fruitful, comfortable, or exciting as possible?

Hmm.. I'd really love to find a bundle of nice ways to connect and work together remotely...this pad is one of them ...without having to zoom our brains out. yes enjoying it too, it somehow adds more sincerety?
A need for me would be open and clear communication, and hopefully a space in which any topic can be addressed, even if it's difficult.
One need that I think is being realized really well is the need to balance this work wih other work that I have going on simultanesouly. I am really hopeful that our group will be able to find an engaging, meaningful format for our project to grow into. 
I wish to have the connection we are having now (and yesterday) for the rest of 10 months. A continous connection, call it a meeting, kitchen session, presentation, discussion, a call for help, or just a chat. A sense of feeling that makes the dialogue natural.<3second that! it would be great to keep this invisible digital ties up. Second that! I feel like everyone here is very unique and in that matter also the projects that we all will bring to life. So it would be great to find ways to make these social bonds even strongerYUSSS..Continued connection = how? (general Q)

As much IRL as possible (I'm lucky to be in Zurich ofc)
Wishes: feeling connected and supported by the community. Creating space for that.  Just the pure thought of community in the arts or just in SoC 2021 feels like a very warm feeling in my stomach, it's funny I guess I would say we're all doing artistic research, and at the same time we would mostly all say i dont know what i'm doing.
Wishes: to carry the findings, connections, and experience within this fellowship beyond the 10 month, be able to work and exchange with each other in a more organic way.
Fear: as I already said yesterday; this is the first time I will write and talk about my research in english. I am nervous but also excited about how my vernacular, my style can and must change and hopefully evolve.And then it was perfect :)it was indeed!+1 yesss and we are all here to help (proof-read/edit/whatever you need )
I feel like i try to be aware of any feelings that might creep-in in regards tmy creative experience and the work i'm doing with FiS. At the moment i can't think of fears and doubts, hopes and dreams, i can think of all day. In regards to hopes and dreams, I just hope that we are able to not only encompass our creative wishes (From all the artists in the FiS collective), but equally create something that encourages more musicians to work transdisciplinarily, to long for a process of otherness and reach for the empathy and connectivity of being part of the artistic/creative world not just the music world. 
  Needs & wishes...not to be overwhelmed with the schedule, being able to get in contact with the others and share as much as possible. to be contaminated in the research
Needs: Moments of rest to refuel + regain inspiration (knowing myself, I'm always all systems go at the beginning then can over exhaust myself and need time away to regain energy)
Needs: A balance between passive participation and active participation. In line with Eleonora's project, I'm very much a listening and a slow processer of information. I can't always instantly give opinions/responses, sometimes I need a little quiet time to think
Needs: Clear communication 
Needs: Constructive feedback/criticism. I love it when people ask questions or pose scenarios around my research and topics that I don't have to answer straight away but can linger and help me develop my work over a long term 
Needs: Find balance with other commitments, mainly work
Wishes: To make friends or friendly aqutainances that I keep in regular contact with
Wishes: To grow or broaden my perspective, to be as curious and open to ideas and learn as much as possible about others, myself and the world 
It would be nice to have a dedicated communal space where we can drop it regularly (or as regularly as we can/want) where we can update on our research, say hello and chat, exchange references.+1 We had such a thing last year and it didn't work so well but let's try again... we're happy for any suggestions! I agree it would be nice, but things like Slack are so oppressive...ideas?discordThat way it's nice to regularly catch up and connect with everyone on a personal level, but also have a better understanding of where everyone is with their research rather than more "formal" presentations which don't show the true ins and outs of research processesWe had such a thing last year and it didn't work so well but let's try again... we're happy for any suggestions! Interesting!! did people give feedback as to why they didn't think it worked? I guess a lot was lack of time...and it was a dedicated zoom-room. maybe it'd be better to have a game-environment of sortsGame-environment or forum of some kind could be really nice, where there are different levels of participation. I can imagine such a space is hard to maintainGame environment sounds very good!
Yes finding a good platform that enables quick and informal exchange and also an archive of sorts. A bit obv maybe, but a Telegram (or something similar) channel?
Exploring different ways to 'meet up' (which we are already doing and I love that) I think discord could be a good platform since it give many ways to connect and different channels. Each project could have its own channel next to more general ones.+1Exactly! Zoom is great of course but as we all might know everyone here has other jobs or different commitments. So it would be great to find out what would be the way to stay in connection with other people and exchange your research I can give a little intro to discord if needed. Maybe others have other platforms in mind...but have been using it for various groups (even with students) and it works great.
Needs: Support, feedback and careful critique from this group. Maybe also ways of meeting that are not necessarily about the projects? I wonder ♥ 
Wishes: To learn, to be challenged, to have fun, to develop long lasting relationships. Yes! It would be great to find partners or small groups that will support each other for some time. Second this wish! Yes Same!
It is great opportunity in terms of having a chance to think more about online space for me- (like this format), it would be very helpful to navigate my thought towards space.I wish we can try many things in this format of gathering.
I just want to connect with people here in multiple ways, to further more longterm projects as well - and for me and Chan to come out with something useful through that. Those who have WhatsApp can add me +27791380199. This is a good suggestion! We can poll what people have as a preferred texting app, perhaps? WhatsApp is the usual channel for collaborative work for me up until now. This variapad is fresh though <3.
could be nice to maintain a collective instagram or twitter yeah that sounds good... insta would be good, coz isn't it we all set ones up already for the various projsja maybe to much extra work to maintain...but a nice experiment collective insta can link people to the various projs, that's why I think it's a good idea. Then an ordinary person can have a version of the experience we had yesterday to an extent
Fear - that I am not able to make the most of this with work commitments
Wish - to engage our projects with the time and energy they deserve. I hope we are able to cultivate an open source of emergent strategies 

WISH: I'm really enjoying how concrete many of the questions and suggestions are, and the active reflection about tools, especially tools for communication, connection building, maintenance of mental and emotional wellbeing. (something that is often missing in my work contexts) So this is a budding wish i hadn't been able to articulate previously, and i would love to see this sustained over the next few months. 
and i would already suggest a possible tool to map the multiple languages and concepts present : a lexicon or dictionary where we can add words, terms, concepts that are important to us, or that we use often, with a definition or example of how we use it/them. i think the form itself must be an experiment, as these types of indexes of knowledge are historically (and still today) so entangled with power structures. i'm thinking of  a kind of repository or map of the vocabulary used within this our specific context. i think that within this group, it could be a fruitful experiment, and it could also be a way to foster accessibility to and understanding of each other's work and proposals, since we do have quite varied backgrounds. please feel free to adapt/add on/transform this idea, as it's still just a tiny seed! :)

Next, we would like to address any fears or doubts you might have with regards to the programme. Is there anything you have doubts about, or are there things you fear might happen (or not 
I'm always a bit worried if we find the right balance between structure and freedom. That is a thing that I'm dealing with since the beginning and it's a very delicate matter to find the right balance...but with honest and direct feedback from the group it can be an interesting process
Fear:(probably too strong- more a concern)- balancing SoC work/responsibilities with other projects/work that need to occur at the same time. Yup.2nd this.
Fear of alway feeling like I have to make cuts in where I will dedicate my time. 
The year will be over in a blink of an eye.Second that! Especially when you have other jobs:/ Omgosh yes.+1
That we will not be able to meet physically and that this somehow would make us feel distant.+1:( I worry that too
Fears: not being able to produce interesting work :D or to get lost in the process. I fear to become ovrewhelmed and not to be able to enjoy other's people's work with the time it needs. Yes! Thats exactly what I mean! Buuut I'm feeling quite positive rn. And the program structure seems well structured to aid the process.◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦yes!
my fear is that I won't be able to dedicate as much of time to this project, as I am passionate about it or would like to - like I would be happy to wake up in the morning and think and do research around my topic whole day, but then with a day job and commitments sometimes translating enthusiasm and passion into work becomes a bit challenging.+1. Or just because you are torn in between things in the end you just do what you can and that might be smth you did not envision in the beginningAgreed! I am going to try and implement some kind of routine, although that also is a challenge- if you discover some nice methods please share, if I remember we are both based in cloudy NL, let me know how you deal with gloomy days low energy :) 
But at the same time,(besides of experimenting about online space) I have worry about sort of limmitations it might have for example matiriality. It would be nice we also think about how we minimalize(?) that
Fear: Artistic research doesn't feel like my comfort space. I can sense how feelings of not belonging could emerge.it's fairly new for mee too! still trying to allow myself to make mistakes!It becomes so much more interesting with people from different 'spaces'!+1
I fear that it will be difficult to maintain a sense of 'community' or exchange across countries and timeszones, borders and responsibilities.Yes I share that oneThere's the risk yes... but with regular catch ups should be fine! Ultimately it will depend on all of us, but also; not everyone has to be 100% involved all the time, I think it's important to allow some flexibility there.yes! different forms of engagement is good I also think its important to let everyone be as much/less connected as they wish- but good to create space for those who want to connect.
I sometimes fear that when I talk about what I have in mind, which is usually about a thousand different things, I tend to oversimplify things because I worry too much about making connections. I  fear that this sometimes effects the way I communicate with people.Can relate.especially hard over zoom.Are there other ways or formats of communication that work better? We can explore!I actually think this variapad is better for communication than zoom, in zoom you can't reply to many things or exchange on a more individual, bilateral level- I sometimes fear of taking too much space or not letting others to have enough space?
I fear or get worried about what platforms like these do for those that maybe don't feel so comfortable with language. It was visible yesterday that everyone to a certain degree had a good sense of english, but just as Charlotte mentioned yesterday ( i think it was charlotte), the idea of presenting this in a different language might not only cause certain things to be misunderstood and lost in translation, but equally could create alianation and isolation. While i enjoy writting ( as seen by my lengthy texts), i just feel we can experience everyone's comfort of language and communication through different mediums. I guess with programs like these, which are so cool and like i said make me feel hopefull, theres the fear that the eutopic goggles don't let me see the moments of exclusion that might be present even if i'm staring them in the face.
A big fear that just dropped in the pit of my stomach is that realities of community like these only exist here, in these spaces of a program designed from a wealthy country,from academic platforms that can fund them, and only a few months out of the year. Almost like we're trying to create a new We could have moments where we each speak in our own mother tongue. Would be fun to see/hear what we're able to get across oI think it would be cool if we brought in languages besides English- even if it leads to misunderstanding or 'lost in translation' moments. I think there's space for not always understanding everything or always feeling comfortable (that is probably the experience of many in all English spaces anyways)..+1 love that idea.so good we have pros in translation with us :) yeah That would be great, I wish I can be Enlish fear free zone sometime haha
My fear is an inability to find balance between inspiration, work, rest...life. I've seen this happen before but hoping to create more of a sustainability commitment and research flow that is actually realistic
My fear is also getting too lost in my own head and all muddled up and foggy brained and overwhlemed (this has happened with previous research topics and it's difficult and horrible to get out of this head space) and lose perspective. I'm really hoping that with the SoC this won't happen though I think we all know that state of mind...and maybe it could help to chekc in about this point from time to time?This definitely would help!Then let's put that on the list of points we wanna have regularly!  I think having moments dedicated to this kind of conversation rather than a broad agreed!-- this is a common point for many of us I think- shall we try to find ways
  Fears and doubts ...to get lost in the process, not to be able to fully belong, not to manage to creat a "community" (os a sort of, don't find a better word) being at distance
  (tjeeeerrrrrr! y'all folks read fast, i can't keep up)yesss getting intense lol my dyslexic\ brain is going a little nuts  omg so sorry, this is definitely not great for dyslexia. If you need to step out / change the format please do so or let us know! thanks. will have to read back a little later. 
  similar - my adhd brain is both loving and hating this haha. i hear you :) <3
  i was thinking of other senses we could explore, such as a chain letter incl. spices and a recipe., especially since the term 'overwhelm' has come up in many comments already.
  apparently Joseph and Marea were kicked outI was too!Ya instable connection 2

Thanks everyone! Next, we’d like to hear about your dreams and hopes. What do you hope will happen over the next 10 months? What do you dream of? 

Hopes and dreams: that myself first I am satistied about the way I'll develop the project. That I stay in the process and enjoy it. I hope I get to collaborate with some of you! I don't actually enjoy much doing stuff on my own. That we find a good rhytm of communication among us and we enrich each others' ideas and work. And that this ways of doing things extend also beyond SoC, in time and space.
(copying here:
I hope Fire is Scary can grow so our members all  can get energies to keep going. 
My dream would be that everyone feels empowered and heard and supported throughout the coming 10 months. I also dream of forging long lasting connections, collaborations, ideas that can live long beyond this SoC year. I also dream of a space in which everyone feels the responsibility to care for this space as well as runs with that, shapes according to their needs, will into life what in their eyes is missing.
Really hoping to develop FiS into a really solid, deep project. Finding ways to develop interest and community in/through/wth this work. Hoping some long term connection/relationship can grow out of the SoC.乂❤‿❤乂learn how to create these amazing signs!
Lots of sparks in the room! Like it just happened yesterday. Developing connections with people that work on similar /intersecting/diverging topics. And of course finding a right voice for our project and making it real
hope and dreams...to find the space and the time, to work, to achive something (not idea what), dreaming to dig into the research and to find good and inspiring connections, to get lost somewhere but not alone, (<3) to cross many paths and meet lot of people and projects, to be able to go somewhere with the research (doesn't matter where)
To develop tools that enable meaningful and collective conversations and stories.Tools that can have a life and affect living outside of SOC. To crosspollinate with other projects in SOC. To get to know you.
Myself I have a dissertation to complete in that time, and the project of Ubungxenye / Parthood is towards the theoretical framework of this dissertation, but the research more specifically is about Secret Language, so I would hope to have everything dovetail nicely and then there be more long term spin-off projects set up with participants here, say. I think it would be nice to make something that's useful to people in this time from the area we're working on - already there's been lots of amazing tools shown here by diff people in only one day, so I'm keen. Some of the people I was in a similar space with about 8 years ago have Subsequently bEcome real CollaboRators - or co cospirators, as was the concEpT yesterday of breathing together... konje what was the other one? Oh yes Collude - playing together. That vibe sounds very productive, so may many things happen in that vein, inshallah. (I also hope vaccine comes and there is more work for live performers again, I suppose - for the potential to travel especially, and to have complicité with people in physical world)Secret language- so interesting!! Hope to hear more soon. YESSSS!very curious! Thanks! Yes it's about Cryptolects but especially those that used a morpho-phonological code to obscure the surface structure - i call these Clavilects because once you have a key to interpret it you can.So it is just written and not spoken then? Only spoken, never written except in a few cases on social media and suchWow I'll have to find an example- maybe I can't quite wrap my head around it yet Look up the term Ludlings. A lot of research from Australia about that, for some reason. Top thinkers did stuff in the field over thereOkay cool cool I'm looking at a list nowp this actually is closer to what I was thinking when you first said secret language. So interesting to think aboutIt's something that exists all over the world. I think it's a fundamental of language practice in general
over the next 10 months beyond fulfilling my creative needs in this project with FiS  i mainly hope i am able to connect more with other artists/researchers who's ideas and modes of thinking are parallel, mirroring, or oposing to mine but equally get to learn and engage with these thoughts.me as well To create communities beyond my practice and academic setting, but through meaningful connection with others in this year's SoC.I would also love to be able to create continuance and future stability/structure of these modes of creating/thinking/researching, i guess longer lasting impact than my time in SoC. I hope to be of asssitance and support to others.
I hope to be surprised by the end result of these 10-months.Yes!!Indeed!Ahh yes :)Saaame And my dream, to make/produce/initite something that would help other people in their struggles with passports and visas, or that would change the dialogue about eligibility restrictions.Non-EU life while (trying to) live in the EU is HARD.So agree.. You already have a multitude of ppl here living your project lolyesssss me here too :D 
I would love to create a useful and usable body of research (that is also interesting..maybe too much to wish for) and to feel that the results are something that was shaped and changed but the ideas, conversations, methods and branches of research I've encountered from this programme and meeting everyone. I would also love to make friends/friendly acquaintance who I keep in contact with throughout SoC and beyond! I also hope to find balanace in life between rest, inspiration, projects and work. And pick up some new skills and interests! And feel that I've learned a little (or a lot) about myself, how i work, the others around me and the world. I hope to make this time really precious and valuable without putting too much pressure on myself or the process 
My dream is to get one step closer to more inclusive participatory tools, build connections for more interesting and ispiring research/project and disruptors of reality

Great, thank you! Now, I want to take a moment to briefly reflect on a few words. Please write down what your associations are with the word ‘peer learning.’
peeerlllearning: open exchange, audacity to show process and mistakes, support, mutuality, eye-level, blurred boundaries, discovering together, trust, improvisation, team.
learning wothout hierarchy.warm support. genuine feedback.to see each other finding thier ways for long term. to see emerging mutations within working together by sharing. 
Peer learning: hmmm... community, gritty, communication, transparency, messyness, collectivity, support and arguing, situated knowledges, person-centered education and knowledge, resource-based learning, RESPECT and EMPATHY.<3
dialog, listening, genuine interest, generosity,critical emapthy<3, reciprocity, starfish and octopus who have their brain divided throughout their many arms.
Peer learning reminds me of the term peer review which is more critique, feedback, assessment but I guess peer learning is more open than that, it's almost the beginning of that process sooo instead more about conversation, discussion, asking questions, answering questions, sharing experiences, ideas, references. Finding good ways to communicate and exchange and discuss. Sharing processes and methods. Sharing ideas.
Support, trust,respecting each other's time, acknowledging and embracing the differences
AMAZING when the intention and dedication is in harmony. To learn, to exchange, to fail, to grow, together.
A space in which different kinds of knowledge are valued; each person has knowledge inherent to their experiences and who they are. How can this knowledge be appreciated, brought out, and shared? Also, peer learning to me is learning through an encounter; whether encountering humans or non-humans, situations, environments, etc. 
Peer learning- bringing incomplete knowledges together to see how they might complement eachother<3from my friend Tomi
Learning with and from each other.BOOM!  I am in the classroom right now checking on my class - and i explained to my students what I am doing and why I am half absent - i was talking to them about peer learning and learning from eachother without stricked hierarchies - they where really exited and laughed that their teachers should be part of this workshop. Really cool for the students to be shown these types of ways of working! Also for them to get the respect and responsibility in the classroom- doesn't always happen like this
I think a project from yesterday describes it well for me slow, gentle, blurry <3yes!!!♥
to have a common ground where knowledge is not only shared but also grows from expiriences together and is developed from different angles....also tacid knowledge not only reproduced academical kn.
falling (back) in love with the process again and again - not feeling dissuaded by failure. feeling supported and encouraged to inquire and expand <3
freedom, emergent!!, co-creation, alive.
I think this is all learning. Even if you learn from a rock it's a peer. I have started to think about words and grammar as peers (as agents) even. Me I say all learning is peer learning.
looking forward. exchange; troubles and problems became work and possibilities; learning with instead of learning from; detour as working methodology; contamination 

Okay, now, write down your thoughts or associations with the word ‘self-organisation.’
self-organisation(in the sense of individual self-org or of a collective??) collective: it's tricky, but that's the fun. Game, adaptation, flexibility, roles, indipendence, need for boundaries that can change but are there to facilitate the collaboration. Self: Difficult, roller coaster, growth.
A labyrinth of mess that is easy (?) to navigate. complexity comes from embrace. literally
self-less? :) nicethe creation of a we.<3
Spontaneous order. It reminds me of the sensation of "Group Mind" in improv. Would like to try this (Ja it's the best, maybe not for the audience per se but for the performers it's really the best, when you realise no one is leading anything, it's just happening all together)yeeees I would be curious to see how it works on zoom, I only tried it in person! It's suddenly becoming aware of a mutual ordered relation where it wasn't the case prior. I'm guessing. 
procrastination, pauses, practices, peers, planing, push and pull, presence, paying attention
If it's individual...burnout. :( true
trying to pull yourself together and somehow navigating through it collectively
The best experiences I've had with self organising groups is when everyone in the group can contribute or participate according to their strengths and interests<3, and according to their own pace, availability, and (mental/physical) health. Good collaborations for me have never relied on expecting the same things, the same work, the same amount of time or presence from everyone, but rather affirming the differences.Yes, I subscribe to this, when members are aware of this (each does different things in seemingly different "amounts") then the group can work well and last.good point, but there should be a solid trust on the basis of this
finding a balance between structure and open space. giving people tools to create, repair and extend stucture.
Stressful, rewarding,self-imposed, personal, self-aware, exhausting and maybe lonely, self-motivated, not fun, burdensome freedom, ideal. Is it that I orgnize myself or is it that within a group we organize ourselves together? I Guess from a more group/communal vision, the assiciations are : messy but intriguing, exploratory, creative and challenging, bonding<3, connectivity, aboslute need of empathy and acceptance even when not aligning. Rewarding and fulfilling, process-oriented, shifting.
self-organisation.o be able to set topic, method or approach, timeframe and openness to outcomes by yourself as an individual or as a group...to be able to take experiments seriously and to have a support structure within your peergroup
practicing about take care oneself.Maybe process of knowing one's boundary (wanting, ability, communicate,..)
Messy. Operating at differnt paces. 
Really important, but also extremely difficult. Works best in small-ish groups of people in close connection (in my personal experience). Partially difficult because so much of our lives are organized/influenced by hierarchical structures and we inherit/interalize these ways of working. I'd agree with this - the unlearning of these ingrained and often not-yet-conscious ways of being/working/communicating are a fundamental part of self-organisation within a group. And then the negotiation and dreaming of how co-creation within autonomous and self-determined structures could work must happen in compliment. I have often wondered if it's about finding people who have similar ways of working/capacity to be clear in communication. Or anyway it's a bout developing that ability together.
Can be very chaotic so communication is key. Organise own structures and systems of working. Can be non-hierarchical. Create own rules and boundaries. Lots of disagreements, difficult to get anything properly decided and confirmed, needs systems for how to navigate this. Typically lots of funding applications. Give a lot of yourself, shaping the organisation by your ideas and values. Very romanticised but also very rewarding (although exhausting)
problem to be solved ;) trying not to reproduce hierarchy dynamics, listen!, a space to take care of the fragilities of everyone, know the strenth points of everybodies. Fix rules.  ♥ love the idea of silence as a tool here **** agree! consensum system of decision better the democratical one. Give space to every body respecting their limits and needs.<3
commitment to'stay with the trouble'
A structure that is more cyclical perhaps? Both successful platforms that I have been a part of and more frustrating formats had in common 
this way of working that had intensive/productive periods and 'fallow' periods. (i love your use of the fallow metaphor here, it feels extremely appropriate in how it includes absence and passivity, but also replenishing and the electricity of potential) The major difference between the two seems to be the level of trust (in terms of determining whether this structure has felt positive or negative. I often find it exciting the freedom you have to imagine outcomes.

a place of uncertainty (at times), flexibility, also explorative - might help you find out where your boundaries are, a place of excitement
beeing aware of groupdynamics

And lastly, define what ‘commons’ or ‘commoning’ means to you?

Commoning is active. Yes! Commoning is a verb :) Can be small scale or big scale. Acts of sharing so perhaps thinking together, doing together, cooking together, making together - sharing time, sharing attention, sharing knowledge, sharing skills, sharing experiences or opportunities.
"Commons" resources that can and should be shared. Accessible to all. Can be physical but can also be intangible.
Commoning in our case could be showing care and respect for one another, sharing our own knowledge and experience but also being open and receptive to others sharing theirs too. It could also be collective acts: writing together, reading together, talking together. 
Shared resources, willingness of strength in sharing. <3 Generosity, unconditionality of shared resource, grateful, more convenient/productive/fulfilling that we can imagine, opposite of current structural systems of the world. Sharing is Caring. Oppoturnity to belong and connect. Generative and inspiring. Negotiative, reciprocal, non-reciprocal, 
Indivisual but at the same time together.Yes like an equal importance to both individual and together experiences!
I'm still unsure about the use contraints of a "commons." In the case of knowledge and stuff that can be reproduced easily, I totally understand the commons as "open to all." But in terms of maintainance of a commons (knowledge, food, material, tools, space) I see it open only to those who also are engaged and are willing to take up responsability and care for it. Aka dedicate time. But this again is also a matter of priviledge and there should be the possibility of different levels of engagement. I guess that what I want to say is I'm still not 100% sure about how exaclty to make the commons work smoothly for everyone. It's definitely not private property, but is it then a form of restricted property still? collective property? Ok I think I took a tnagent here.  not at all. i think having spaces to imagine and exchange and, as Pule calls it, a space to have agreeable arguements is criticle and crutial - be it as repositories or purly as an intentioned place for such. 
I'm doing a guessology here, but I would think it's stuff anyone can use and is there for anyone to use, and use together. Me I don't believe in copyright or private property and so on, everything could be better if it was commons like it was in olden days if you could know somewhere somehow. But then there is this thing that once happened to me wow I hope it's not too much to put a whole story here, I will delete if so: there is this famous Kwaito artist in SA called Brickz. He's in jail now. But before his case was heard I met him backstage at an event. Trouble was he wasn't happy to see me, because once at an awards show I had made a joke about him regarding his court case in a packed theatre. This guy called me up to him angry. I was so happy to be meeting him. But he was angry and his reasoning was this: How can you say something about me if you've never met me - if you don't know me. To me I was making fun of a public figure. But to him he was just a grootman from the hood, who I didn't introduce myself to before teasing him. That changed my mind about this practice - like one can use anything but at least say whatsup to the person first. Maybe that's the proper meaning of citation, rather than a paper trail. I think so.
Plurality of multitudes, not having one reference point but rather being open to diving into alternative worlds, making things accessible/approachable/publicYes!!!
stuctural change/support. money where the mouth is.
I think a lot about this idea of solidarity without homogenisation, yeeeessss and whether it's possible to establish a solidarity that affirms difference. To me it's part of what a commons could or should be; the possibility to exist together (human & non-human) across difference.yes, please.
Getting closer to yourself and to others. Feeling as much as yourself and showing as much of yourself without overpowering others.
collaboration instead of competition<3, sense of belonging, community (in the sense of sharing interests, goals and rules). care and responsabilities.
accesible and open to all. respectful and nurturing. ♡
People, places, nature. Developing an understanding/practice/habit of being together. Living together. Unlike the habits/practices developed by one perspective of the history.
For me, it is to weave networks of political and affective alliances with others, also, as mentioned before, not only among humans but also among other beings with whom we share this world. ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡ That there be transversality, non-hierarchical logics, placing the act of listening as a fundamental part of our work. <3
emergent practices of relating to resources and each other, constantly evolving, shapeshifting.
 common sense
 try to leave personal expectations to build a common, collective one. 
 I think for me the term 'cs' has a sense of commitment, initially mind jumps to community halls and town festivals, a context I had growing up, and what was necessarily in these 'events' or communal habits was a shared commitment. They can provide substantial roots. - 
 It's about creating a safe space for sharing and creation in case of this project, but my understanding of commons is very physical in general- like comunal land and etc.
Shared resources/labor and shared responsibility/care/maintainence of these resources/labor. !!!

Great, this is really helpful. With regards to the above, what practical ideas do you have that could make your experience within SoC as good as possible, both as an individual and as a group? What structures or practices could be useful or engaging? Would you like regular meetings with the whole group, or rather meetings with smaller groups? Less time online? Would you like total freedom, or actually a more structured approach? Would you like to have or do Instagram takeovers? Reading groups? Chain mail? Collective decision-making processes? What are things that seem good or helpful to you for the upcoming year?

Semi-regular whole group meetings. how would you define semi-regular;-)?Once every three months? Regular smaller group meetings. More structured approach (can always be pulled back if it chosen later) Yas up for regular meetings in the whole group (monthly maybe more) and then optional sides.Small group meetings of similar projects and ideas, be able to resonate every 2 months or so
Less time online is always welcome, but it tends to contradict getting together regularly (now).
I would prefer to try an intensive 10-months; regular interaction and trying to go 100% (as much as possible) since it's only 10 months then over. 
I'd like to have regular meetings with my Lab -  Same! and maybe opportunity for cross-lab meet ups or drop ins this could be weekly meetings if people's schedule allow -  yes!! agree
Collective reading.♡!+1What kind of texts would you like to read? - Super agree! It would be nice to have a real mixed bag!+1So putlock reading kinda...nice!+1Yeah! or could be more thematic if people feel better about that Love the ideathere's a really nice reading group called plottwist where one member of the collective leads a themeatic reading group and selects a text but creates a google folder where people can add other texts they associate with the theme and topic and although the selected text is the one discussed, there is a nice body of references and other readings created alongside it - Sounds good
You're also still very welcome to join the dream reading group anytime (it's hop on and off)
I would also be interested in a discussion about writing styles and vernaculars of different genres - and try to learn from these genres and styles and implementing them. I like the idea of sharing sentences we dislike or admire and finding out how academic writing can learn from poetic or fictional writing. Or even just a discussion on academic/artistic writing would be really interesting.
collective group discussion will be super, mybe not all together but in smaller groups ( also rotating, so to have possibility to meet everybody<3) I think it is important to give the tools for everybody to meet and connect if there is the interests (s o maybe sharing contacts,a platform where to shere contents/reference...) It will be nice if it will be possible to create link of common interests and to cross the researches if wished
would be great to have contact details/location/interest areas listed somewhere (if so desired) to be able to proactively create/initiate connections - maybe beyond current research project.Yes agree! maybe a doc where people can write the contacts/channels/sites they want to give. this would be nice super idea 
Would also be nice to create a shared library.not sure where sth. but like a dropbox or actually it could be on discrod where we share books, movies, texts.
Maybe some kind of forum? Or a pad like this where we could have different subsections for different activities, like a reading group and discussion section, a drop in and chat section, a collective decision-making process and suggestions page I don't have much experience but I think Discord could be a good platform? YES :) It allows for as many voice or video channels text channels as needed, its a nice archive somehow!I also don't have experience with Discord but if it could work I'd be willing to teach myself how to use it happy to help if needed.I like discord in general and could see it working for this program- especially the option to make different channels to fit what people would like to discuss. There are also online spaces like Topia.io where people could drop in - it recreates the in-person experience more than Discord for me.
Only issue with big groups is there is less flexibility coz more schedules to deal with. But this is really great to be all here together.
Can I please say something regardning language: we are all defaulting to English but could be nice if people were free to put a lot of language all over and we can interpret for each other. JA! <3 Sono d'accordo, anch'io sono curiosa di vedere/leggere altre lingue qui. Totalmente de acuerda, es una wea tan autmatica el someterse al uso standard del ingles, es como bakan y enfermante a la vez.I realise this is prob the vibe anyway.안녕하세요, 반갑습니다 솔이예요.:)Ik ben helemaal met je eens Dankie ngiyabonga!Ja das ist eine sehr gute Idee! stimme zu Merci a tous. Sono talmente abituata a parlare inglese da quando vivo all'ester che l'italiano a volte mi fa addirittura strano.见 怪 不 怪, 其 怪 自 败 jiàn guài bù guài, qí guài zì bài "vumela okuyinqaba kube okujwayele, ukuthi unqabe ukunqaba okujwayelekile" make the strange to be normal to defeat normalising strangeness <3<3
I'm really enjoying how concrete many of the questions and suggestions are, and the active reflection about tools, especially tools for communication, connection building, maintenance of mental and emotional wellbeing. ♥♥  (something that is often missing in my work contexts) So this is a budding wish i hadn't been able to articulate previously, and i would love to see this sustained over the next few months. 
and i would already suggest a possible tool to map the multiple languages and concepts present : a multilingual lexicon or dictionary where we can add words, terms, concepts that are important to us, or that we use often, with a definition or example of how we use it/them. i think the form itself must be an experiment, as these types of indexes of knowledge are historically (and still today) so entangled with power structures. i'm thinking of  a kind of repository or map of the vocabulary used within this our specific context. i think that within this group, it could be a fruitful experiment, and it could also be a way to foster accessibility to and understanding of each other's work and proposals, since we do have quite varied backgrounds. please feel free to adapt/add on/transform this idea, as it's still just a tiny seed! :)
I love reading groups so that could be nice. love that!
Chain mail is also nice!Second this!
It would be nice to have different scales of participation. So regular events/groups/meet-ups for those who can commit a lot of time at certain periods, but maybe set meetings so we can know there are organised moments for checking-inI love the flexibility of this approach Yes scales is a good idea.!!second the idea of scales! 
I think what was mentioned yesterday about a stucture for archiving references, yes!! living growing archive!!! a common (open) bibliography  suggestions etc seemed very attractive. Reading groups are great, I have found 'durational' reading groups (where short texts are read in session only and guided by someone who has read the wider text) always to be very informative, responsive and circumvent the issue of 'not done the reading' which often messes with the group dynamics/expectations. Yes i really like reading groups where you can read in advance but also read together during the group. means texts tend to be shorter and you get to have both the indivdual and collective experience of reading
I think it would be a good idea to stay connected in small groups in order to deepen common dialogues and get to know each other better. Besides, I think this would reduce the amount of hours in front of the screen. I think to think in smaller scales and then periodically hold meetings between the whole group. It is also a good idea to be able to make decisions collectively, I think they are healthy practices and make us feel part of the group. 
Perhaps also a round-up bulletin or email thread of what people are doing. I thought sharing discord groups etc yesterday was a really nice way to plug in, I would be keen to attend other projects that people are organising! Nice idea! 

Consider audio recordings - i would love to hear this session back for eg.

Okay, so we’re running a little late but there’s only two more things which are relatively easy. Now, we’d like to make a skills list that collects the skills and talents of everybody in the group. Please list any skills you might be willing and able to share below, it can range from graphic design to cooking :) Please enter your name again, so we can see who’s who: 

Eleonora: graphic design(as for editorial layouts, vector drawings, pattern drawing), basic sewing, some 3D modelling, photo editing, proof-reading (english&italian), mental library of references (love sending people stuff when I find something that might help them), niceness (hate&love relationship to this skill), currently running a feminist anti-racist book club with others ♥ , so always happy to receive tips on interesting stuff to read/watch, also feel free to join, I can put you in our mailing list,yes please! my e-mail: betullaaksu@gmail.com thank you! it's very low key.sounds cool though! would it possible to share list of readings? nazaketazimli@gmail.com thanks!
Betül: urban gardening, improvised recipes, printmaking, playing with clay, connecting the dots, listening to people, data annotation, data analysis, qualitative research analysis, interaction design, English to Turkish translation & proofreading, tech for good
Gordon: music composition/writing, organization (spreadsheets, schedules, etc.), proofreading (English)
Paula: Video and graphic artist, knitter and conversationalist. Performance artist. I also like to make bread with seeds 
Jose: historian (I like to research almost everything in my surroundings :-S and things I don't know so I research a lot LOL), decolonial activist (we read, we act and we organize), I would love to exchange on matters of colonial and racial justice, decolonial and queer ecology (jose.cceres@gmail.com). I am based in Zurich at the moment (if my locations helps you for something, feel free to write me)... ah yes.... I am a curator at OnCurating Project Space and a lecturer at the University of Zurich (postcolonial studies, latinamerican history).
Amy: Gardening and manual labour, writing & editing, recommending books, articles, movies and songs for any occasion, creating events/public programmes, asking questions, curating, sewing and knitting [basic-ish stitches], cooking and finding interesting recipes, listening, yoga, walking and finding walking routes, making cocktailsI wish we could drink together throgh zoom, planning and organisation, creating routines, mediation [professional and personal], reading and reading groups, planning parties and surprise gifts, marketing 
Joseph: editing Dutch and English texts, gardening, performance practices, I love to crit and discuss work (art, music, writing, etc.), working with non-hierarchical formats, institutional politics, always happy to exchange on matters of gender, sexual, and racial justice, also a knowledge of different materials and how to use them, material kinship, queerness and queer ecology
Sol: Drawing, writing, simple book desighn, listneing, simple video editing, painting with eastern asian traditional materials, long sleeping<3, repetitive works, 
Linguistic consultant in African languages, and writing systems of the world. see website here: wwww.isibheqe.org.za
Please talk to me about all Ntu languages (so-called "Bantu" languages) and all !Ui-Taa, Kx'a and Khoe languages (these were formerly grouped in a spurious category of "Khoisan"). I do linguistic and cultural history of all these language tradtions and study their phonology.
I'm a voice over artist, I can record stuff for you, I have simple rifle mic setup at home that does the trick. 
Rapper - I can write raps for you or perform them, but I also do a course in rap technique for anyone who wants in a collaboration. :)
Phonetician: I can also give an introduction to phonetic science to anyone who wants or collaborate in that vein because I work as a dialect coach, and I facilitate language acquisition using Krashen method which is input-based technique that operates in the same way as infant acquisition of language. I'm super curious about this!Can talk to you about it, it's very easy.
Cultural historiographer -- if you need someone to write a cultural history, particularly if it relates to Southern Africa, I can help with that.  
Caterina: working with materials (background in sculpture), gardening-bothanics (espeially how to use plants), cooking - bread making(with a focus of bacteria---kefir, sourdough...), logistic managing and time/space organization, group discussion and collective working session mediation, find connection between people/interest/places, brainstorming and tutorial, rounding up collective meetings, to do listing(is this a skill??yes) curating stuff, listening
Charlotte: Playlists, pottery, Premiere Pro, podcast tips, empathy, making orecchiette from scratch, listening and being supportive. <3
Agustin: music/drums, music recording on logic, person-centeredness, psycho-social dynamics and modes of thinking, moderating and navigating complex group and personal dynamics, listening, deep empathy, dream analysis/metaphorizing from a psychotherapeutic perspective.Bilinguality at native level in english and spanish. Cooking mean veggie dishes/recipes.rudimental drumming (very dorky and specific).
Carina: Editing film, photoshop, performing, curating, writing/reading, DIY graphic design, drawings if you need some illustration, cooking / hosting/ connecting people, giving emotional support/conceptual feedback, household medicine
Naz: bringing people together, gardening, curating movies, writing, dancing (just for fun)<3, editing podcasts and videos, bits of graphic design, bits if data analysis, research design, editing
Marea: Institution hacking aka getting money from where there is plenty!!!! boom !!! <3 *** <3Dendrology, Soil analysis and other agronomy stuff, playing cello, botanics especially if you want to learn the names of plants, how to get shit done last minute I need this!, discussing questions around education politics, funding strategies, (realy interested in this)would be good to have a session in this with those interested- I am now trying to fundraise in european context, its different from what I am used to in a way.that would be great! listen to other ppls project ideas and maybe help finding ways around roadblocks
Sid: Drawing, writing, shooting and processing 16mm film (inlcuding ecological processes such as using turmeric to process film), digital film-making, editing, curating/programming, basic British Sign Language (developed in a care context), basic speech and language therapy, I am also good at various english accents ;)
Laura: circling, social presencing theater<3333, internal family systems, organizational design, facilitation, experiential learning, program management, surviving big tech environments and remaining mostly joyful in them.
Lauren: Proof-reading and copy editing English texts. Project spitballing, helping overcome road blocks/points of stagnation<3. Reference provision / Network connections / Help with finding the necessary collaborators.
Chantelle: Reiki. Creative Production. Research. 
Mauricio: Graphic design work for editorial projects, layout and similar stuff / Love printed matter / Conversations, books and discussions regarding architecture, built environment, history. Organization and cultural management, being able to develop projects with no resourses and try to fing options for funding 

Finally, we’d like to make a Spotify playlist. Please add any songs, podcasts, or other things you’d like to share with the group in this collaborative playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/415vcSwd0oLOoNRh4PRg6X?si=3Zzaa9B_TiacQTbtxsRLlA, or simply write the song title and artist below and I’ll put it on the list for you.
I am terrible with music!I need a pusher for this... hmmm... a prompt? Maybe simply something you like listening to at the moment.thinking about it...
Cool! Do we have a prompt ha?
Kae Tempest // serpentwithfeet // Towns van Zandt // Podcast Rabbit Hole (NYT)
Helado Negro ♥ 
Please those who make music put your music! I would most appreciate to hear. second thatfollow+1I'm in a band where you can hear the music here: www.bombshelterbeast.com . Also on spotifyReally cool! Tnx!!
Otherwise let me do a duty and put southern african artists: 
    Madosini - Wenu se Goli
    Kanyi Mavi - Ngqangqa
    Thandiswa Mazwai - Thongo Lam
    Dumama and Kechou - intaka
    Morena Leraba - Impepho
    HHP - Gogo and Toto
    Pro-Kid - Uthini ngo Pro
    Laliboi - Emonti 
    Tswazis - !Eshee
    Jaliza - Ti Tsatara
So nice! I love all of Maria Somerville's early bird shows on NTS: https://www.nts.live/shows/early-bird and Maria's own music too :)
Added :-)
Literary friction podcast is great
(I really love share this!)
https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/radiolab YUUUSSSSS<3333333long time fan
Abul Mogard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92zCQpzjT-w&ab_channel=00977xy8001
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TIME FOR A BREAK! We meet back in Zoom at 15:00! Thank you all for your engaging ideas and thoughts! <3! thank you!
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Question at the end of the SoC year 2021: Which hopes & dreams came true? Which came as a surprise? Which wishes would you have for the future?

Looking back at the dreams and hopes, i feel like the way i phrased them was very individual, which is funny considering it was a collective project. But what was amazing was this desire of finding this collective form of way of working didn't just happen to me, I think we have acknowledged it many times already, the amount of support and space of sharing we found through developing FiS through SoC. Aside from this notion of strengthening the collective experience, I've had a wonderful time thinking about this other thought of "not belonging to the music community but rather the transdisciplinary community" and this year through school of commons i have really settled into this notion, so much so that I am taking the steps towards building and developing a transdisciplinary/ interdisciplinary residency in Santiago, Chile to other mediums that can enrich musical thinking/music-focused experiences. For the future, i guess what i want is to not lose track of these new ways of working that go beyond the conservative academic institution, to both maintain the learned notions gathered from SoC and at the same time not feel alone after SoC, to maintain the community connections created. 

This year was a dream come through for Fire is Scary- we were so glad to be a part of SoC, we recorded our first album, gave several workshops and public presentations, worked with mentors and made our first exhibition. It was all a surprise- we had plans, but at the start of 2021 no clear path on how to achieve them. For the future we wish to keep working together and seeing what we can dveleop next!